turn your brand into an asset that earns

I help creators and entrepreneurs to implement a brand and content strategy that allows them to turn their personal brands into money.

Joe goodman

"Jessie is the personal brand man. He gave me the confidence and the roadmap to start publishing online, and it's been truly a transformative experience."

building a personal brand is a game you never lose

From feeling lost and confused to focused and with a clear sense of direction.

You don’t want to live your life in mediocrity.

You know there’s more to life than simply following the traditional path. You want to create independent income, design the life of your dreams, and make a positive impact in the world. You only lack a crystal-clear direction and strategy.

As a Brand Strategist, I help creators and entrepreneurs connect the dots and strategically grow their presence online. A process that has allowed 20+ of my clients to find their unique direction and transform their brands to make money online.


experience next-level direction

Building your own brand is hard. Monetizing even harder. Receiving objective feedback is crucial, as it's tough to reflect on your own brand and take the right steps.

My work is designed to offering the clearest, most effective frameworks and guide you through the process of building your brand.

Brand strategy

The art of perfectly positioning your brand in the perception of your audience.

content strategy

The strategy that takes your brand goals, and uses them to fuel content as a means of growth.

the creator accelerator program



Per month
  • 2x one-on-one 60-minute zoom call
  • access to private community
  • access to live webinars
  • Access to live Q&A's
  • weekly personal feedback

get inspired by their results

don't just take my word for it

"It took only a couple of minutes to understand that Jessie is a great person and professional.
He supported me, held me accountable. This helped me to be more consistent, and a result my audience grew."

Oleksandra Zubal

Co-founder of Mydone

"Jessie really helped me to narrow down my focus, organize concrete steps and set goals to take it further. I have since started a children's book and am in contact with a best-selling author."

Steve Ayling

lifecoach & counselor

"After working together with Jessie, I feel more confident.
He has helped me to convey the right message. and double down on my unique topics.
He showed me the importance of consistency.

Daniel Rojas

Data and AI Manager @ IBM

"Jessie is the personal brand man.

He gave me the confidence and the roadmap to start publishing online, and it's been truly a transformative experience."

Joe goodman

entrepreneur & Creator

"Working with Jessie has been fantastic!
Jessie helped me clarify my goals and focus on the direction I wanted to pursue.
It's been great working with him and I wouldn't be where I am today without his help!"

Mike lamb

IT manager & creator

"Jessie has helped me become more intentional about my brand for starters. I learned that I just have to show up.
There’s still much work to do, but I’m much clearer on who I can provide value to."

Jesse Holguin


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